Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Loss of Innocence

Yesterday, I took Rachel to have her blood drawn for lab work.  I guess (and hope!) Rachel's doctor is wanting to see if the prednisone is working and that her inflammation is decreasing.  Then we can start decreasing the dosage.  Hooray for that!

As an aside, Rachel asks at least once a day if we're going to the doctor.  She equates "the doctor" with the people who draw blood, the nurses who give her shots, and the nurses who gave her the infusions.  She had so much fun during her infusions as she watched movies and drank "apple juice" which was really Gatorade.  The nurses made a big deal about her, too, which fed her little ego.

So we went to "the doctor" yesterday to have blood drawn.  We hadn't been to this place before, so Rachel didn't know what was going to happen.  And she was sweet and happy even when we were taken back to the cubicle where they were going to do it.  But once I sat down with her on my lap, she realized what was going to happen and started saying, "No, I don't want to!"  Poor thing.

The technician hadn't made any kind of move toward Rachel yet, and she said incredulously, "Has she done this before?"  Unfortunately.  And actually, this was the fourth time that my little girl has had her blood drawn.  And none of my other children have had blood drawn at all ever.  It's not fair, is it?

I want to preserve the innocence and ignorance of my children.  I don't want them to know what it's like to have their blood drawn.  I don't want them to be apprehensive of going to the doctor because of painful treatments.  Thankfully, Rachel isn't apprehensive (silly girl!), but oh, how I wish she didn't know what it was like to have blood drawn.


  1. That is so sad. I know exactly what you mean too. When our Lydia was little she had high lead and had to have her blood drawn soooo many times that she started crying as soon as she spotted the hospital doors. It was so sad.

  2. That's awful about poor Lydia. I wish that they could draw my blood instead of Rachel's, as much as I hate it myself. I hope that Lydia is doing fine now.