Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rachel's New Doctor

Today we took Rachel for an appointment with her new pediatric rheumatologist.  Even though, she is doing so well, we knew that it was important to keep her seen and followed, so we were glad that we were able to get her in so quickly.

We liked Rachel's new doctor, although she seems a little young to be a pediatric rheumatologist.  Maybe, as John said, we're just getting older.  Anyway, she seems very familiar with JDM, and we feel comfortable with her caring for Rachel.

Unfortunately, after the appointment, Rachel had to had blood drawn.  That is the absolute worst part --to me-- of being a mother, but John was there, so he took her while I waited with our other three children.  (By the way, why don't these children's hospitals have cute Band-aids for children?)

We followed all of this up with a trip to Chick-fil-A, or Chickle-A as Rachel calls it.  Then everyone was well-fed and happy for the dive home.

Tomorrow we get to decrease Rachel's dose of prednisolone.  She started out at 10 ml (or 30 mg) back in August, and now she's down to 1 ml (or 3 mg).  Hooray!  We're almost done with this medication!