Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wonderful, Exciting News!

Rachel's new bathing suit.

This morning, I took Rachel (and her brother and sisters) to her new doctor for a follow-up appointment.  As we expected, Rachel is doing very well, as she has been since she started her treatment for JDM.  What is so exciting and wonderful, though, is that we have reached the end of the prednisolone taper.  She is done, done, done with her steroids!  Hooray!  We have already noticed that the swelling (from water retention) in her face and stomach has decreased.  But, starting today, she doesn't have to take it anymore!  (She does still have several other medications that she takes daily and weekly, but they don't have the horrible side effect profile of predisone.)

But that's not all.  No, it's not!  And I'm so excited that I'm almost giddy!  Starting in Florida and now here, we've been seeing Rachel's doctor almost monthly and having Rachel's blood drawn before each appointment.  Since she sees a specialist, a pediatric rheumatologist, we have to drive over an hour each way for her appointments.  But our doctor wants to have blood drawn in two months, and she doesn't want to see us for three!  How wonderful!  We almost can't stand it, it's such good news.

I also found out that my parents had taken Rachel off their church's prayer list.  Isn't that good timing?  Rachel is doing so well that she doesn't need special prayers anymore, although we are grateful for any prayers on Rachel's behalf.  And John and I certainly pray for her everyday.  

I just wanted to share the good news with you.  I would like to shout it from the rooftops...but I think I will control myself.