Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Even Better News!

Rachel had another doctor's appointment today after three months off.  That break was soooo nice, and it was even better that we only had to get her blood drawn once during that time.  It was wonderful!  But after the wonderful, exciting news from her last appointment, we weren't sure that things could get even better...but they did!

I almost hate to tell you this because I'm afraid that it will jinx it.  Maybe I'd better knock on some wood.  But no.  I don't believe in superstitions; the God that I serve, the One Who has been healing Rachel and keeping her well, He is infinitely bigger than superstitions.

Dr. R told us this morning that, because of Rachel's excellent response to medication and her lack of any type of relapse, she thinks Rachel will not be bothered with this disease again.  Her exact words were, "One and done."  Isn't that wonderful?  She contemplated taking Rachel off her methotrexate injection, but we decided that it wasn't worth the risk.

The good news keeps going!  Dr. R also said that we didn't need to be so careful with the sun.  Needing specifics, I asked about shorts and t-shirts.  It's time to dig them back out for Rachel!!!!!  After a year of nothing but long sleeves and long pants, Rachel gets to wear shorts again!!  Whoohoo!

We will still need to put sunscreen on her arms and legs when we go outside, and Rachel will still need to wear a hat.  But it will be so nice for her to ditch the long sleeves in the 90 plus degree heat that we still have.  Poor thing comes inside with her hair matted down to her head with sweat after being outside for ten minutes.

Once again, we don't have to go back for three months.  Dr. R said that if Rachel's labs continue to look good (which they were perfect again today), we can stop the methotrexate injections and give it orally instead.  Whoohoo!

I thought we got good news at Rachel's last appointment, but it doesn't even compare with the news from this one!  And our wonderful Lord Who is the Great Physician deserves all of the glory!