Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vision Test

This picture is a little old, but it captures Rachel's personality.

Last week when I wrote about Rachel's ophthalmologist appointment, I forgot to write about the eye test.  And since this blog has two goals:  to record Rachel's journey with JDM and to inform her faithful prayer partners, I want to write this little story down before I forget.

They wanted to make sure that Rachel hadn't lost any of her color vision, so they brought in a book full of the type of pictures that you see above.  The only problem is that Rachel doesn't know her numbers yet.  And they hadn't had a child this young before needing this type of pictures.  What to do?

The nurse came up with a good idea; she had Rachel trace the numbers.  Even though Rachel didn't know what the numbers were, she could follow them.  The nurse also had her say which colors they were.  Whew!  At least, Rachel does know her colors!

I guess I have something new to do with Rachel during school:  learn her numbers.  The nurse said she would look for an age-appropriate book before her next appointment, but wouldn't it be easier and better if Rachel just knew her numbers?

Something funny and cute happened on Sunday; it was also rather sad.  Rachel climbed up into my lap while I was sitting in the rocking chair.  As she snuggled with me, she whispered, "Let's hide from Daddy so he won't give me a shot."  We talked about various hiding places, like her closet, before deciding that he couldn't see us if we just shut our eyes.  As John was sitting across from us on the couch, I got his attention while Rachel had her eyes shut so he could get everything ready.  Rachel apparently forgot that I am also part of the shot-giving team.  *Sigh*  But it was really cute how she wanted to go hide so John wouldn't give her a shot.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good News and Bad News at the Ophthalmologist

Rachel had a busy morning today.  First, John took her to get her blood drawn for her upcoming appointment to make sure that her JDM isn't rearing its ugly head.  Then I took her to the ophthalmologist to make sure that the Plaquenil we started back in May isn't hurting her eyes.

The good news is that Plaquenil hasn't affected her eyes, and the doctor doesn't think that it will based on the dosage.  But he wants to keep an eye on it and see her every six months.

The bad news is that Rachel has cataracts.  Yes, cataracts.  I had forgotten that prednisone can cause cataracts, not that it matters.  She needed the steroids to fight her JDM, and here is another reason we are thankful that she no longer needs them.

Dr. G thinks that her cataracts might go down a little bit, but they will not go away completely on their own.  And they are borderline needing surgery.  He said, "If she were my child, I would not do surgery right now."  And I said, "That's exactly what I was thinking."  And I was thinking that I would fight pretty hard not to have surgery on my three year old's eyes.

Even with her cataracts, Rachel sees at 20/40.  With 20/40, you can still see well enough to drive, although at 20/50, the DMV won't give you a license.

So, we had good news and bad news today.  But I am thankful for a conservative doctor, not one that I had to fight to keep Rachel from undergoing surgery at this point.  Oh, and Dr. G also quoted Ecclesiastes to me.  While it had nothing to do with Rachel, it was still refreshing!