Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No More Methotrexate!!

Rachel had a doctor's appointment up in Houston this afternoon.  We thought she had weathered our beach vacation without any problems, but it was nice hearing that the doctor thought so, too.  It's funny that we slathered Rachel with sunscreen, and she wore a hat and a rash guard, but she is still our darkest child!

Two years ago when Rachel was diagnosed with her JDM, we were told that she would be on methotrexate for two years, and we have been counting down the time.  This winter, we were able to stop injecting it subcutaneously and start giving it orally which was wonderful.  Giving a shot to your child has to be the second worst part of being a parent, second only to holding your child down for blood work.  Anyway, it's been two years now, and we get to discontinue it!  Hooray!  Now Rachel is just on one medication, Plaquenil which we plan to continue for another six months.

Dr. R wants to draw blood in about six weeks to make sure she's still doing well off the methotrexate.  And we'll see her again in six months when we'll hopefully discontinue the Plaquenil.  I think the plan then is to see Dr. R again in six months or a year and then stop.

Stop?  Yes, stop!  With Rachel doing so well, it looks like our visits to the pediatric rheumatologist are coming to an end!  Hooray!  Praise the Lord!!


  1. Such wonderful news! That's a great picture of Rachel. She has pretty eyes.

  2. Thanks, Laura! She does have pretty eyes!